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Inviting submissions for a special Issue on Commutative algebra September 12th, 2017

In recognition of the excitement of the July 2017 workshop “The Prospects for Commutative Algebra” (, the journal Acta Mathematical Vietnamica ( has agreed to have a special issue devoted to commutative algebra, to be published in January 2019. We —

  • Dale Cutkosky 
  • David Eisenbud
  • Shiro Goto
  • Jürgen Herzog
  • Takayuki Hibi
  • Ngô Việt Trung

— will serve as the editorial committee for the issue. We hope to make it an important document showing some of the best current research in the field, and we invite submissions.

Feel free to write to us with any questions. The deadline for final versions of the papers is September 2018, so we must ask for submissions by March 2018 at the latest.

Best regards,
Dale, David, Jürgen, Shiro, Takayuki, Trung

2017 MSJ Algebra Prize August 21st, 2017

The 2017 Mathematical Society of Japan Algebra Prize has been awarded to Toshiyuki Katsura for work in algebraic geometry in positive characteristic, and Mitsuyasu Hashimoto for his work in invariant theory and its applications to commutative ring theory. Congratulations! The third recipient of this year’s prize is Masanobu Kaneko.

Postdoc @ Osnabrück March 27th, 2017

Tim Römer writes:

There is one new Postdoctoral Position at the Osnabrück University offered by the DFG-Research Training Group “Combinatorial Structures in Geometry” and in particular, researchers from commutative algebra are invited to apply.
The deadline is April 07, 2017.

this web page for details.

Two pieces of good news and one bad September 5th, 2016

Here are two fantastic pieces of news, with one piece of bad news in the middle.

The 2016 Mathematical Society of Japan Algebra Prize has been awarded to Kazuhiko Kurano (Meiji University), for his work in intersection theory over local rings and its application to the theory of Cohen-Macaulay modules. Congratulations! The other recipients of this year’s prize are Hidenori Katsurada and Masa-hiko Saito.

The Mathematical Sciences Program of the National Security Agency has announced that they will not be able to fund any new projects in fiscal year 2017.

Yves André has proved the direct summand conjecture using
perfectoid methods and Bhargav Bhatt has simplified the proof greatly and
also proved the derived version. Here are André’s preprint and Bhatt’s preprint.

Diana Taylor, 1941-2016; Anthony Geramita, 1942-2016 June 20th, 2016

We are deeply sad to share with the commalg community that Diana Taylor has passed away on June 13 2016. Diana was known for her work on resolution of monomial ideals that has motivated so many mathematicians.

Our thoughts are with her friends and family.

Link to obituary.

tonyupdate 24 June 2016: We are also saddened to tell the community that Anthony Geramita passed away on the 22nd. Tony had a long and distinguished career at Queen’s University and the University of Genova.

Link to obituary.

PhD grants, Genova and Osnabrück April 19th, 2016

Aldo Conca writes:

The department of Mathematics of the University of Genova is offering 7 three-year PhD grants for positions starting from November 1, 2016. The topics include:

1) Algebraic Geometry (Claudio Bartocci, Mauro Beltrametti, Matteo Penegini).

2) Algebraic number theory (Stefano Vigni)

3) Commutative Algebra (Aldo Conca, Emanuela De Negri, Maria Evelina Rossi, Matteo Varbaro)

Application deadline: June 10, 2016.

Please forward this to any potential applicant.

For further information and application procedure, see:
or contact

Prof. Pinamonti (
Prof. Vigni (
Anna Siri (

Meanwhile, Tim Römer writes:

The DFG Research Training Group “Combinatorial Structures in Geometry” at the University of Osnabrück offers 7 positions for PhD students and 1 postdoctoral position starting from October 1st, 2016 especially in the areas commutative algebra, combinatorial optimization, harmonic analysis, homotopy theory, K-theory, and stochastic geometry.

For further details see:

SIAGA March 7th, 2016

A new journal, the SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry, will start taking submissions on March 23, 2016. From the description:

[SIAGA] publishes research articles of exceptional quality on the development of algebraic, geometric, and topological methods with strong connection to applications. Areas from mathematics that are covered include algebraic geometry, algebraic and topological combinatorics, algebraic topology, commutative and noncommutative algebra, convex and discrete geometry, differential geometry, multilinear and tensor algebra, number theory, representation theory, symbolic and numerical computation. Application areas include biology, coding theory, complexity theory, computer graphics, computer vision, control theory, cryptography, data science, game theory and economics, geometric design, machine learning, optimization, quantum computing, robotics, social choice, and statistics.

The poster for the new journal includes 7 pictures, which you can read about on Anna Seigal’s blog.

ICRA registration open January 29th, 2016

ICRA 2016 registration is now open. See for the registration link and some information about the speakers. More info coming soon about accommodation.

PhD Positions, UC|UP Joint PhD Program in Mathematics, Portugal November 16th, 2015

From Jorge Neves:

The UC|UP Joint PhD Program in Mathematics, run by the Universities of Coimbra and Porto, in Portugal, welcomes applications for the academic year 2016/2017.

The Program will offer a number of doctoral scholarships (covering tuition fees and living expenses) to selected candidates. Funding will be made available from the support of the national agency FCT and the associated research centers.

All areas of Mathematics are covered in the Program, in particular:

  • Algebra
  • Analysis/Differential Equations
  • Discrete Mathematics/Combinatorics
  • Dynamical Systems
  • Geometry/Topology
  • Numerical Analysis/Optimization
  • Probability/Statistics

The first call for applications is open from December 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016:

Extensive information about the Program is available at the website (and additional questions can be posed using

2016 AMS Fellows November 2nd, 2015

Warmest congratulations to this year’s class of Fellows of the American Mathematical Society, including commutative algebraists Karen Smith and Dale Cutkosky!