Homological trends, Bucharest

The conference “Homological trends in Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry” will take place in Bucharest, June 1st-5th, 2020.


  • Cristodor Ionescu (IMAR, Romania)
  • Marius Vladoiu(Bucharest Univ. & Purdue Univ.).

updated 30 December 2019

Web page: http://www.imar.ro/~imar/2019/site_conferinta_2020/index.html

Preliminary list of speakers:

  • Josep Alvarez-Montaner
  • Marian Aprodu
  • Nero Budur
  • Christine Berkesch
  • Giulio Caviglia
  • Marc Chardin
  • Aldo Conca
  • Alexandru Dimca
  • Sandra Di Rocco(*)
  • Florian Enescu
  • Gavril Farkas
  • Mihai Fulger
  • Huy Tai Ha
  • Jurgen Herzog
  • Linquan Ma
  • Rosa Miro-Roig
  • Satoshi Murai
  • Andras Nemethi
  • Claudia Polini
  • Dorin Popescu
  • Claudiu Raicu
  • Gregory Smith
  • Bernd Ulrich
  • Uli Walther
  • Jerzy Weyman(*)

(The 2 speakers with (*) are still to be confirmed.)

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