Purity, Approximation Theory and Spectra, Cetraro, Italy

There will be a workshop on “Purity, Approximation Theory and Spectra” at Grand Hotel San Michele in Cetraro, Italy, 18-22 May 2020.

Purity and approximation theory influence a wide range of areas in mathematics including model theory of modules, silting and tilting theory, cotorsion pairs and abelian model structures and many more. Moreover, related classification problems in abelian and triangulated categories are strongly connected with spaces such as Ziegler spectra and prime spectra. We aim to bring together experts and young researchers with an interest in these topics to share their different viewpoints and approaches.

The workshop will include five mini lecture series introducing a range of fundamental topics, and contributed talks. There will also be opportunities for PhD students to present short talks introducing their research topics. Funding is available for a limited number of PhD students.

Lecture series speakers:

  • Sergio Estrada, University of Murcia
  • Lorna Gregory, University of Campania
  • Ivo Herzog, Ohio State University
  • Henning Krause, University of Bielefeld
  • Jan Saroch, Charles University, Prague

More information is available on http://profs.scienze.univr.it/laking/Cetraro/html5up-strata/index.html

Lidia Angeleri Hügel, Rosanna Laking, Francesca Mantese, Tsutomu Nakamura (University of Verona)

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